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    Hill 468 and the alert force


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    Hill 468  and the alert force Empty Hill 468 and the alert force

    Post by Mac on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:33 pm

    Good ole hill 468. I used to run the alert force up there in a duce and a half. When the alerts would come out I would run to the motor pool and grab the truck. There were 12 men on the alert force and they all had to stay in the post area. I would bring the truck around to the arms room where everyone would grab their rifle and someone would grab my M-60. We would load up then blow through camp to the front gate. Out the gate and an immediate left around the back of the compund and up the hill. I would flash my lights just before the gate at the top and they would trow it open. We would unload and head under ground to the briefing room. There we would get our passwords, what was going on and head for the bunkers. I had a fixed tripod for the 60cal in the box with two post stops on both sides which was the range side to side for the 60. Most of the locals knew to get off the hillside when the alerts went off. We had chain link fence with barb wire at the top. Flood lights covered the hillsides. One night we saw movement and waited and waited to see who it was. Finally the OD said to rip off some rounds just above the area, so I did. Papasan jumps up yelling and run like hell down the hill. That was the only time out of the many on the hill we had to fire on anything. Once 59th aviation thought they could get the alert force up the hill faster than the truck. Must have been two officers at the club arguing who could do it better, I don't know. We ran the force up the hill as we always did and then we ran down the road to 59th where we loaded on UH-1's. They flew us up to the pad. I don't know how or who did the timming on it but we won with the truck.

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