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    Motor Pool March 1970


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    Motor Pool March 1970 Empty Motor Pool March 1970

    Post by Mac on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:51 am

    March 7th 1970 changed my life forever. While stationed in Korea with the 2/71 ADA at Camp Red Cloud. We had guards at the Motor pool all night to keep the slicky boys from ripping stuff off the trucks, if not the whole truck. The guard had an M-16 with 40 rounds of live amo. Standing orders were to shoot anyone on the fence, we just had to make sure they fell inside the fence. Earl Harmes went for guard duth the night before and was a good friend of mine. He drove the 10ton wrecker. He had come down to the barracks about 10pm to get some reading material (which was a no no). The next morning we allgot up and went to mess then on to the mototr pool. When we arrived there was no Earl to be found. The M-16 was up against the file cabinet with the two clips on top. We started a motor pool wide search thinkin he was outside somewhere. We had the old style motor pool with the bays and on the end were the offices. Above the offices was the OVM equipment room. Access to the OVM room was through the tool room our swing doors out to the bays. I had the keys to the tool room so went back to start work. I went into the tool room and noticed the sliding door to the upper OVM room slightly open and the light was on. I didn't think twice as i figured he was up there sleeping. I clumb the wall mounted ladder and slid the door back only to find him hanging from the end of a rope naked. I went into shock and fell backwards off the ladder smack on my ass. All I could do was run out yelling he is dead. he is dead. Sgt Corey was outside and I almost ran smack into him. He grabbed me and smacked me hard. Guess I was totaly freaking out. I did not know until years later that Jerry Langmeyer was the second guy up there. They called the MP's and took me next door to the other motor pool office. I sat there watching the MP's and lots of others rushing into to MP. Later they took me to the dispensery where I did not find out until I got my medical records, drugged me up big time. My medical records today state 7 March 1970- Close friend committed suicide this day. I was taken out of the dispensery with two guys with me. As we went out the back door they had Earl cut down and in a body bag which was in the back doors of the ambulance sitting outside. I was under guard 24/7. Where ever I went there was two guys with me. After a period of time the brought me down somewhat off the drugs. One morning the two guys told me they wanted us down at the MP. I said I ain't going no where near it. They insisted and almost had to drag me down there. When we got there in the outter office was the MP's and civilian CID (he was married to a Korean local). They sat me down and started asking questions. Then the flipped open a briefcase and started dropping black and white pictures of what I have burned in my mind. I freaked out again and jumped up and ran out of the MP with both my shadows running after me. After that I never saw that MP again. I was taken by jeep to the different batteries to see where I wanted to move to. I wound up on the south side of Uijungbu at A battery where I satyed till I left Korea. I was never given counceling or even ask if I wanted any. At the time I did not know if it was suicide or his wife had him murdered. I was let to wonder until today along with the vivid pictures and flashbacks I carry mentally. I went on to germany where I turned to drinking real heavy and did not talk to anyone about it other than my family until 1980. Why was he naked, why was his clothes neatly folded beside him. why did it look like his hands were tied behind his back. I have been trying to focus in on that one part over and over. Was his hands tied by someone or was he holding on to it himself. He had a 5 gallon gas can that he got up on which was tipped over beside him. One single light bulb on in the attic. If anyone served there during that time or is aware or knows what happened I would like to know what you know. I can be reached at mackay55@frontier.com

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